Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Competing for the top spot in Google has never been more challenging than it is today. Targeting your customers with paid search ads that have surgical precision is how the use of Google Ads creates such an enormous advantage over your competitors.

The ability to reach the perfect customer at the exact right time is something that only paid search management can accomplish. When it comes to investing money in a powerful advertising strategy, nothing beats effective PPC. Putting a perfectly written ad copy in front of your customer that is attractive and enticing can mean all the difference in whether your business succeeds or fails.

That’s Where Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) helps bolster your entire digital marketing campaign. The ability to serve highly-targeted paid ads to your potential customers is an advantage that most of your competitors aren’t doing effectively. Search engine optimization is organic initially but is supported by PPC management services. That is where Table Rock PPC services help you win.

Can you manage a PPC campaign by yourself? Maybe you can. That said, creating ads that generate high-intent traffic is not that easy. Getting customers to purchase before and after the click involves a more intensive ad creation and placement approach.

The right headline, ad text, and bid make all the difference between making a PPC campaign a success or failure. Without a scientific approach to PPC marketing, your money is quite simply wasted. The Table Rock PPC team is specifically skilled at creating paid search ads that result in customer success.

Table Rock Powers Your Relationship with Google

When you partner with the Table Rock team, you instantly have the benefit of having access to a certified Google Premier Partner. We know Google’s ad policies and advertising standards at a level that your competitors do not. Our experienced PPC managers can help you build effective and powerful Ad campaigns that help you generate more sales.

PPC: A Strategic Combination of Creativity and Science

Pay-per-click advertising gives you the ability to bid on top positions for pertinent keywords on search engines. With different PPC ads, you can expose your product and services to your target audience in a multitude of ways. Table Rock PPC pay-per-click marketing services give you the ability to take full advantage of a large suite of paid advertising formats that bring instant traffic to your website.

Google Text Ads

Google text ads that show up in a Google search at the top of the search engine results page just above organic search results. Google search ads give customers a clear indication of the information that they are searching for about a product or service. This highly billed ad copy provides direct links to users on laptops and mobile devices. The benefits of using Table Rock to create your Google text ads include:

  • Beautifully sculpted headlines
  • A search position that outranks your competitors
  • Strong call-to-action language
  • Deep links to important pages
  • Mobile click-to-call numbers
  • Measures and predictable amount of traffic
  • High-quality scores
  • Cost-effective marketing spend
  • High converting landing pages

How Do You Know PPC is Right For Your Business?

If your business website is new or struggling for ad ranking that is above your competitors or if you are simply trying to do more online business, a professionally managed PPC campaign can quickly help you achieve those goals.

PPC advertising is a solid and evergreen marketing initiative that creates positive ROI (return on investment) when professionally managed. Regardless of your growth stage, PPC can help you start, maintain and overcome competition that makes the most of your marketing ads spend. PPC helps you win from business inception to IPO.

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