Next Level Higher Education Marketing

Digital Marketing For Higher Education

You need an education marketing partner who understands your unique goals and objectives for every aspect of your digital marketing campaign. It’s a complex task, but we make it easy for you. We do the heavy lifting so that you arrive at success. At Table Rock, we focus on developing results-driven, strategic marketing campaigns that help you attract the best students to your school. 

Digital Marketing For Higher Education

Our Education Consultants will develop a personalized plan rooted in the latest research to successfully reach students and families where they are, creating name recognition and brand presence effect among students and family members across all communications platforms, including direct mail, integrated digital media (traditional and social media), exclusive emails, landing pages, e-newsletters, customized social media strategies, print collateral and more. Every detail is important because we know these details lead to results.

We reach prospective students and their parents and guardians, faculty, alumni, school counselors, military veterans, corporate partners, and community organizations. We apply AI to help you get the most out of our proven, human-driven marketing solutions.

Higher Education Web Design That Converts More Leads

We develop eye-catching higher education website design, accessible and full of your best content. We also reach out to prospective students, current students, and parents through web development, enrollment marketing, and other digital media skills. 

We’re ready to create unique websites that represent you, your campus, and your academic programs. Your website will be visually appealing, easy for prospects to use, and full of content that entices visitors. We’ll help you establish a solid online presence to reach the widest audience possible.

We’re committed to providing you with a user-friendly content management system that will help you engage your audiences. We will help you give a great user experience during your students’ enrollment experience, and we’ll guide them through every step.

SEO for Higher Education.  Nurture, Convert, Enroll.

Education SEO is a marketing strategy that focuses on improving the visibility of a higher-ed website in search engine results. Many universities use keyword optimization to get the best result pages and attract new students. A Google search is one of the potential students’ first steps when researching higher education. 

Higher-ed websites use SEO for many different reasons. A strong presence in the search engine space is often a requirement for online applicants. It can also be used to gain more visitors to your website interested in your school and its offerings or buy a new home close to one of your college campuses.

Good placements on web search engines translate into greater visibility and prestige. SEO takes time, but you can learn about its workings and still be an influencer marketing or social media expert. SEO strategies can be a long-term strategy for generating qualified leads and increasing enrollment.

PPC for Higher Education, You Can’t Win Without it

As a higher education marketer, you are responsible for finding, acquiring, and enrolling qualified students. You’ve been in practice for years, and you rely on methodical PPC management to help your institution stand out from the crowd. Strategy and creativity combine on all levels of your PPC campaign and not just the PPC ads.  For example, our team at Table Rock leverages paid search management as a core methodology to drive effective results for clients. Google’s quality score lies at the bottom of our high standards.

We’ve been managing paid search campaigns for years, and we’d love to take on clients from all over higher education. We include analytics (Google Analytics is just the beginning), recommendations, ad copy, and reporting on all aspects of the client’s campaign and aggressive tactics designed to ensure ROI. We believe it is essential for the client to manage their budget directly. 

PPC Is Important Because It Allows You To:

  • Target potential customers and make outbound admissions calls
  • Improve your overall marketing efforts and ease of management
  • Increase brand awareness for your college or university
  • Create a positive relationship with your prospective students
  • Reduce costs of your college or university by increasing revenue
  • Improved search engine rankings, which helps students find you more easily

Email Marketing for Higher Education

Students use email more than ever before, so email marketing campaigns are no longer optional for colleges. In this guide, you’ll learn why sending emails is an excellent method of improving student engagement and increasing conversion rates. Use engaging headlines to encourage readers to click through to your next piece of content like video content or blog content. When emailing students, be sure to target your communications based on their interests and how far along the process they are.

Create and Market the Best University Website You Can

We use hard data to help colleges and universities reach people in new ways and drive them down your enrollment funnel. We help you get prospective students, parents, guardians, alumni, faculty, school counselors, and community organizations. We can reach your audience where they are online based on their search behavior to build better relationships with them.  Start now and see more leads generated for your marketing dollar.