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Web design is different than it used to be. DIY tools and family members that have “some” experience with one or more of these “drag and drop” web design tools might tempt you to go this route to save money but cost you in the end. That said, a low-cost option that rudimentarily puts your business online may do more harm than good. On the other hand, if you are serious about turning your website into a long-term revenue-generating vehicle, professional website design will set you apart from your competitors.

Professional web design services should include a higher level of consideration that focuses on your specific business needs, brand, messaging, products, and services. Believe it or not, the experience your customer encounters while visiting your website could affect how they view you as a professional and their opinion on the overall quality of your business. The high-quality web designers at Table Rock can professionally project manage your website build (with SEO in mind) and help grow your business more than you think.

Web Design Services For Small Businesses

Your Website Design Needs to be SEO Friendly

The other main factor in quality web design is whether or not your website can be found first in the search engines. Simply put, your website design should ultimately focus on branding, SEO, ease of use, and the ability to turn traffic into customers. Of course, there are a lot of technical details that come with bringing all of that to fruition, but leave that to us.

Table Rock’s web design company has developed a suite of complete web design services that contribute uniquely to the growth of your business. These services include high-performing websites and SEO solutions concentrated on usability, mobile responsive web design, and rock-solid messaging that brings your products and services to the world. This approach, in part, makes us different than any other web design agency you may encounter.

If you need a simple website to get started or need an old website to be re-invigorated to bring more profit, Table Rock web design services can develop a website that you are proud of and contributes to your bottom line.

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Web Design Usability (UX Design)

Usability web design is vitally important to improve the visibility of your product or service and the way your customers react. Therefore, our web design projects focus on a “user-centered design. ”A user-centric approach to web design includes three essential parts: testing based on the target audience, bounce rate, and how they interact with the web pages that promote your business.

Mobile Responsive Web Design and Development

With over 60% of all website traffic coming from mobile devices, a mobile-friendly website design is no longer a choice. If your website looks terrible on mobile devices, it’s time to redesign it. In addition, your website will likely not display correctly on mobile devices without a responsive web design, costing your business significant revenue.

Every website developed by Table Rock is done with responsive web design, adjusting perfectly to every modern device. If you choose Table Rock for your web design project, you can expect:

  • Mobile-friendly web design
  • Design for every device (mobile or desktop)
  • A positive user experience (UX)
  • SEO friendly web design
  • Website pages that convert traffic to customers

Graphic Design Services

Websites we build will generate new customers, but that’s not where it ends. Graphic design is an essential component of any website design. Our team is highly skilled in graphic design. These skills pay honor to your existing brand and mission.

Your colors, logo, and brand message, are visually communicated using every pixel, icon, and font that we use on your website. Our team has deep experience from time-tested design principles in color scheme and typography.

With careful thought to user experience, color, font, and branding principles, our team will work with your company step by step to achieve thought-provoking graphics that will inspire customers to purchase while representing your brand effectively.

Managed Website Hosting For Table Rock Clients

Our website hosting services are only available to our web design or SEO clients. Therefore, it is important to us that we service our clients with the fastest and highest quality web hosting platform available. This type of speed and security comes at a premium.

The hosting services are secure, fast, and customized to your specific Branding and SEO needs. They are thoroughly supported locally by the Table Rock team 24/7, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We won’t work on websites hosted anywhere else.

Our custom-managed hosting services can be considered a “premium” web hosting solution customized explicitly for the website or SEO campaign we developed for your business. As your hosting provider, we’ll take care of EVERYTHING. Software updates, server management, and phone support, the Table Rock team has you covered.

Whether you’re a sizeable high-traffic website or a small local business (our favorite), our in-house managed hosting provides security and seasoned expertise. We assure you of knowing that your business website is carefully managed. In addition, Table Rock consistently monitors your website, database, and web application software. We can guarantee the safety of your website and the security of your customer data by providing the following:

  • Fast-loading website serving
  • 99% uptime
  • Daily backups
  • Shared and dedicated server solutions are available

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